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     The application of building codes in commercial and residential interiors can take a entire career to master, but with "Building Codes for Interiors" workshops, designers of any level of experience can more quickly become knowledgeable and proficient in using building codes.

     While there are various other educational opportunities to learn about building codes, "Building Codes for Interiors" is the only forum that specializes in educating designers on the application of building codes in interior design.

     Presenter and developer of "Building Codes for Interiors" Kimberly Marks, is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience.  In her workshops, current editions of the codes are distilled down to code sections and language that applies to the interior design process.  Real world examples are used to help participants fully engage and understand the material delivered.

     This website is an online reference for anyone wishing to know more about Kimberly's seminars and her experience as an author and speaker.  Feel free to contact Kimberly with any questions.

"Best code workshop I've ever attended"

"Very informative, well preparded and organized"

"Clear, straight forward , relevant and interesting!"

"Good use of examples, applying what we learned in real world scenarios"

"For me, this seminar justified the cost of this whole conference!"

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